Garth Brooks Takes Home Milestone Trophy at 2015 ACM Awards

garth-brooks-01-435Another big night for Garth Brooks at the ACM Awards held last night in Dallas. The country mega star was honored with a milestone award, which is well deserved.

Brooks performed All American Kid which honored those who protect America’s freedom, he was introduced to the stage by American Sniper widow, Taya Kyle who was married to late Chris Kyle. Brooks has always stood out for his continued support of the troops.

Garth Brooks has just announced new tour dates in Knoxville, TN at the University of Tennessee’s Thompson-Boiling Arena on May 29th and 30th, Garth Brooks Tickets for both events onsale now


Blake Shelton Want’s Garth Books To Put Music On iTunes

sheltonBlake Shelton posted on his twitter timeline that he wanted Brooks to put his music online saying, “Dear Garth Brooks… For the love of god and all that’s holy, please get your music on iTunes. PLEASE! It’s 2014!!!! #frustratedfan”. Brooks has repeatedly refused to put any music online saying that he doesn’t want people to just buy a song here and there, he wants people to buy the whole album.

Shelton thinks that Brooks is living too far in the past and that no one owns CD players anymore. Blake is upset that he can’t get music online saying “I just hate to think that there’s a generation that hasn’t discovered him yet, because he’s too important. He’s the reason that I wanted to be a country singer. He’s the reason that I worked a summer and saved up to buy a black Takamine guitar with a cutaway on it.”

Shelton also went on to say,“My ultimate fear is, and I’ve had friends tell me that their kids didn’t know who Garth Brooks was, and that upsets me. I don’t like that. I think it’s because kids are walking around with their iPhones and their iPods, and if they can’t get it on there, then they probably don’t know it exists.”

Garth Brooks Australian Tour Dates?

fdsaGarth Brooks is still causing a lot of heat in the music industry by holding off on his announcement for a full world tour. The only thing he has announced are his five dates in Ireland. Other than that the world is still eagerly waiting for an announcement of tour dates. While it is obvious he will be traveling to the USA during his tour what other countries will he be hitting up during his tour?

Obviously he will be traveling to Europe. His music is widely popular and well known among those who speak English, that means that London, Manchester, and much more will most likely get a visit. But what about Australia? Does he have a wide enough fan base to even sell out a show in that country?

He already has a petition out to get some dates in Australia. That being said it is entirely likely that he will be performing in Australia making several stops to the more popular cities. When dates are finally announced you can here them here first! Tickets to see Garth Brooks can be bought off Front Row King.

Garth Brooks Dubin Tours Could Face Cancellation

WYNN LAS VEGASGarth Brooks has long announced his tour in Dublin, Ireland releasing a total of 5 tour dates all at Croke Park. All five concerts were sold out in just a couple hours making over 400,000 fans in Ireland as happy as can be. However, the residents who live in Croke Park are not so happy about the events.

Croke Park has a written agreement stating that no more than three concerts a year can be held there. The park is now over its budget by two concerts infuriating the residents of Crok Park. The residents state that whenever there is a concert all “Hell breaks loose” and “fans go crazy” often times disturbing the residents causing them to dread every concert that occurs at the park.

In a heated debate between GAA, Aiken Promotions and Croke Park residents the stadium director, Peter McKenna, stated that “times move on”, ignoring the agreement to only three concerts a year and infuriating an entire crowd of residents. Eamon O’Brien, chairman of the Croke Park Streets Committee, said: “There was uproar when he said it.”

Promoters will have 10 weeks to apply for a license to perform in Croke Park and after that residents will have 5 weeks to petition it. Should enough votes be cast Garth Brooks could be facing a shortage of concerts in Ireland during his 2014 tour.

Brooks Wins $226,000 Lawsuit

1392381889000-garth-brooksBrooks prevailed in a $226,000 dollar lawsuit against his former employee. The employee had claimed that the money given to her was a “gift” however, legal documents between the two parties refer to the money as a “loan”.

It took the jury only one hour to finally come to a conclusion saying that the former employee (Lisa Sanderson) would owe the money back as well as interest for the 6 years that the money was not paid. Brooks had stated he gone into great detail about a repayment plan many times, however Sanderson had refused to hand over any money.

With Books court dates out of the way he plans on returning to his plans of performing in a world tour.

Garth Brooks Announces A 2014 Tour

After over 10 years, Garth Brooks has come out of what seemed to be a retirement to perform a complete world tour. His first few dates in Ireland have already been announced and now the world and his die hard fans wait to see where he plans on performing next. Speculations have arisen however nothing has been confirmed yet. All that Garth has let the world know is that there will be a 2014 tour.